• 300+ powerful integrations

    Put an end to disjointed systems.

    See a 50-100% increase in staff productivity and an improved time to hire when you use our integrations to accelerate your recruiting process. Eliminate duplicate efforts, work from one platform, and know with confidence your processes work together and run smoothly.

  • Come in at 1st Place

    Optimize your strategy.

    Accelerate hiring by streamlining recruiting, screening, verification, and approval in a paperless, mobile-friendly environment. Our team will help you gain momentum through automation, powerful metrics, and interlocking tools that help you overcome the competition.

  • Total lifecycle management

    More than just an ATS.

    Xpress leverages pre- and post-hire data, pulls data from other sources to connect all event details spanning a driver’s entire history into one platform, and includes customizable workflows to help you manage the entire driver lifecycle
    — from recruiting to retention.


There are lots of ways to advertise, but many don’t deliver the hires they promise. You can recruit more effectively if you get quality leads and understand where your hired drivers are coming from. Learn more here >>


A safety department that isn’t running smoothly is a liability to your business – it’s easy to miss something crucial and put yourself at risk. Utilizing an interconnected safety management tool makes managing drivers easier and protects the health of your business. Learn more here >>

Employment Verifications

Replace your old fax machine with an electronic fax server that connects to the same systems you use to recruit, store driver paperwork, reply to verification requests, and more. Verifications are returned 40% faster than the traditional method of faxing paper requests and releases. Learn more here >>


A slow hiring process in a competitive market can mean missing out on great applicants and losing money on trucks that sit empty. You deserve to employ quality drivers and hire them quickly. Learn more here >>


Gain new confidence knowing your driversfiles stay organized and stay compliant. Manage your drivers with software that delivers timely updates on new regulations and molds itself to the way you operate. Learn more here >>


Enjoy significant gains in data compilation and say goodbye to system-switching fatigue, missing information, and skipped-over process steps. We offer simple, convenient integrations in the areas of job boards, background screening, telematics, and more.


A driver’s onboarding experience sets the tone for their entire time with a carrier, and an unclear process can make them reluctant to show up at all. Better onboarding leaves you with drivers that start making you money faster and stay with you longer. Learn more here >>

Retention & Engagement

Hiring new drivers is competitive, which is why retaining current talent is immensely important for the long-term success of your business. We make it easy for you to listen to drivers’ voicesprioritize action steps, and show drivers you care. Learn more here >>

Drive Pulse App

Tenstreet’s one-of-a-kind driver mobile app is the largest source of free driver applications in the market, netting you increased exposure to over 200,000 active drivers (and climbing) every month. Over 1.8 million drivers have downloaded this app to find jobs, complete training, and communicate with carriers in a multitude of ways. Learn more here >>

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  • “Before Tenstreet, we were spending more time on the phone trying to help drivers get through the application, and more often than not those drivers would get frustrated with the complicated application and give up. We were left with an enormous amount of partial leads or applications. From the driver standpoint, one of the first things we heard before they applied was, “Do you have Tenstreet; do you have the Driver Pulse App?” – because of how much easier it was for them to apply. That was the primary reason for returning. Once we got back to Tenstreet, it was like the floodgates opened up and we were getting all these applications. We had to scrap a huge investment with another ATS so we could get the drivers we need from Tenstreet, and we were spending twice the amount of money. If you want to maximize the drivers that are applying and get them in the door, Tenstreet is the only platform where you can do that. You’ve got to go with the company that has the stronghold on the industry, which is Tenstreet. It just doesn’t make any sense not to, otherwise it’s an uphill battle.”

    Clay Hamblen, Safety Director, Cypress Truck Lines

  • “From the beginning, the customer service has been amazing. Everyone we talk to is an expert – which is so important in this industry. They’re flexible, easy to work with, and actually want to help – they even got us up and running faster than we were ready to go! The fact that drivers can fill out an application in under ten minutes and we can manage our entire hiring process, including the safety component, within Tenstreet is huge. But the people and the customer service really are the best part. Tenstreet is a great partner and true partnership with solution providers is really important to us.”

    Christine Iovaldi, Brand Manager, Dot Transportation, Inc.

  • “I am so impressed with Tenstreet and their ever-evolving products. Every time I turn around, there is a new and more efficient way to use the platform. We have thoroughly integrated our HR, Recruiting, and Safety departments from lead generation to onboarding to the Safety Management module. We are looking forward to how Tenstreet continues to improve and bring industry-changing tools to the table.”

    Sarah Stadtmiller, Recruiting Manager – Proficient Auto Transport

  • “Thank you and the whole team there at TENSTREET. I’ve said it before but cannot say it enough; the client service is second to none. It’s more than professionalism; Tenstreet genuinely cares about their clients and always offering to help in any way. I have had such a great experience with Tenstreet that I promote this company to everyone I speak with in the trucking industry. Thanks again for all you do.”

    Stephen A. Cagle, Driver Liaison & Recruiter – Reliable Transportation Specialists, Inc.

  • “Tenstreet has revolutionized the way we identify, engage, and attract professional drivers. It is the biggest game-changer for our recruiting efforts since the advent of the Internet.”

    Stephen Lusk, Safety Manager/Talent Recruiter, EverGreen Industries